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This journal is friends only.
Leave a comment if you wish to be added. Peace.
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your user icon is insanely lovely.
i promise to try and come west, i want to meet dawa.
thank you :)
I would love that!!! if not we will just have to find some way to make it out east. Are you in toronto?
nope, i'm in montreal. i will do my best to get to your side of the country this summer, it's been far too long.


10 years ago

is the gorgeous man in the "radiance" & "my boys" pics your partner?
where is he from? what's his ethnic background?
beautiful beautiful..
Yes he's my partner, Dawa's papa :)
He's from the Amdo region of Tibet.
I would love to be added to read your journal. I love reading about people's experiences in India. I live in the States with my husband and my 13 month old daughter Sasha. We love yoga and green living. Thank you.
India is a fantastic place to travel with kids, very baby friendly. There's definitely lots to write about although I don't always find time ;)
I hope you enjoy our stories :)
hey pheobe!! this is nora, and this is my new journal (i'm not using vurtfluff anymore).

wooooooow dawa is so beautiful! woooow!!
I added your new LJ :)
Thanks :)
Hey pheobe its jenna! Remember me? we were friends when you lived in abbotsford briefly. add me! I don't write in my lj often but i like to read others'.
Hey lady, sorry it took me so long to add you, I just saw your comment. Hope you are well.

hey there phoebe,
it's sitka. this is my other journal username (the other one being 'escens')
i just added you as a friend....

hey :) I was on your namma lj friends list. I got a bit worried cause you never posted anymore and your last post was speaking about how depressed you were. Luckily one of your friends guided me here. Can I add you?
hey I added you :)
It still won't let me see your journal.. :(


10 years ago

Hey!! I just got that comment now - I disappeared from LJ, but now I'm sort-of back. Mostly I like it to read your stories!! So add me so I can read them :)
I've missed you!!!

Hey! I'm so happy you haven't abandoned your journal!! I added you :)
come and visit this summer! seriously :)
hello, my name is Esme,
I saw you in natural family, is it alright if I add you?
I added you :)
norasma told me you were wondering what was up with me. I deleted my old journal for privacy reasons. Add me? :)
I'm happy to hear your still around :)
I'd love to add you.
Hi I added you :)
sorry I was so late to respond. I've been on the road for the last two months or so.
i was looking up interest for lynn andrews and your name came up along with 4 others(out of the millions that use this program) I just love her work and its good to see someone else who enjoys her as well so close to my age. Have a great day. Namaste.
Yes Lynn Andrews is such an amazing woman! Good to meet someone else who appretiates her work :)